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Keel Zeh Fascizts Keel Zeh Fascizts

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wich program do you use?
bevause it looks real fine

There`s no need for a paper There`s no need for a paper

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i like canvas 2

i also working on canvas,
it's like a color is behind all these things, i think it is, but that's looks cool man
looks great on al wall or something :D
good job!

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Kembry responds:

I like canvas, but the tricky part is that, here is no canva, it is just a molbert wich was dirty with color and I deicided to draw on it.
I`m glad that you like, cause it is a good decoration in my room too.

otherside otherside

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you've got a great style i like it,

i can't post my art because its "not scouted yet" or something, do you you what it means?